Charity Fundraising

Lottery description:

Sasha Lyapota, a famous Ukrainian YouTube blogger who is famous for his channel “It’s a Good Trip”, initiated a charity collection of money by setting up a lottery of Mitsubishi car. The main goal is to raise money for humanitarian projects of «Volunteering and Help Center» Charity Foundation.

«We are incredibly ambitious in our intention to raise at least 6 millions UAH for humanitarian projects of our Foundation and it’s activities. Mitsubishi vehicle is a supplementary motivation to obtain more donations as we can see how many people found themselves without basic necessities like food, pure water and decent conditions for living. The Volunteering and Help Center started to work since March 2022 and managed to raise and transfer more then 70 millions dollars for humanitarian purposes over the last 6 months. Our main donors are enthusiastic citizens and foundations from Japan, UK, USA and other countries. For that money 4500 tonnes of foodstuffs, 119 120 units of medical boxes and 87 thousands of hot meals were purchased for people who were in need” — said Sasha Lyapota, a blogger and YouTube channel “It’s a good trip” founder.

Answers to questions:

One more fundraising?

It’s becoming more difficult to raise money for humanitarian needs. We constantly apply to our foreign partners who were extremely supportive during first months after the invasion. But unfortunately the number of people seek for support is increasing every day. This situation fostered us to look for new ideas of money raising for our Foundation and we decided to implement this project. We truly believe that money received from a lottery will allow us to keep going further with kind intentions.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to collect 6 millions UAH for humanitarian projects of  Volunteering and Help Center Charity Foundation.

What is at stake?

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2019. A vehicle is provided by Denys Drach who is a volunteer and fundraiser at the Volunteering and Help Center Charity Foundation since the war has started.

What are the terms and conditions?

Everybody who donates money for Volunteering and Help Center Charity Foundation automatically becomes a participant of a lottery starting from the 16th till 30th of September and obtains an opportunity to win Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2019. In order to donate, you have to follow a link and to make a payment through Monobank (Button “Participate”). A minimum donation is 300 UAH. On the 1st of October Sasha will make a stream on his YouTube channel “It’s a Good Trip” and announce the winner. You can make an unlimited number of donations, it will increase your chances to win. Only Ukrainians can participate in the lottery.If the total donations will be less than UAH1 mln there won’t be a lottery. All money will be just transferred to the humanitarian projects of the Center.